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AudioXpress No. 4 (April) 2024

AudioXpress No. 4 (April) 2024

Read in the number 4 AudioXpress 2024

A High-Performance 60-Watt Class A Amplifier Part 1 — Amplifier Design. By Andrew C Russel
Comprehensive AC Power Controller. By Thomas Perazella
Hearing and Audio Part 2 — Auditory Resolution. By Milind N. Kunchur
Earbuds and Hearables State of the Industry. By J. Martins
Microphone Array Beamforming with Optical MEMS Microphones. By Michael Tuttle and Jakob Vennerod
Unveiling the Impact of Ear Canal Geometry for In-Ear Headphone Testing. By Brian Johansen, Per Rasmussen, and Morten H. Pedersen

AudioXpress combines great articles and projects for audio engineers, enthusiasts, manufacturers and distributors. Innovations in Audio, Audio Electronics and the best in DIY Audio.

English | 68 Pages | True PDF | 16.8 MB

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