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Radio User - 11.2022

Radio User - 11.2022

Read in the number 11 Radio User 2022

Scott Caldwell homes in on the joys of autumnal MW DXing, offers some updated background information on key Short Wave broadcasters and reports on a new HF station from Australia.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen offers his latest update on Private European Short Wave Stations, offering hints and tips for some extraordinary programmes at weekends and at many other times.
Time Measurement & Radio (Part III) In the concluding part of this mini-series, the editor calls time on his writings on Time Signal Stations, introducing some great equipment, and the ways and means of exploring these transmissions.
Robert Connolly consults his maritime archives to explore how signalling at Sea evolved over time. He compares this with the latest in marine radio, antipiracy and geolocation tools.
Kevin Ryan reviews the very latest version of the current Qt-DAB digital decoding software and introduces us to his best-ever DAB receiving aerial system.

Short wave listening covers all forms of radio listening – broadcast, airband, scanning, DXTV, weather satellites, amateur bands, decode, s.s.b. utilities, numbers stations, milair and propagation to mention a few. All these topics are covered each month with regular columns compiled by the leading experts in their field.


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