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Radio User - 09.2022

Radio User - 09.2022

Read in the number 9 Radio User 2022

Wellbrook S/N FLX1530LN-3245 Active Loop. Keith Rawlings evaluates the keenly-awaited new aerial from the Wellbrook stable, the Wellbrook S/N FLX1530LN-3245 active loop, looking at the technology behind it and its performance.
News and Products. RFinder B+ & P7; Tecsun Q3D; Icom AH-730. Stampfl Wave Star; Radio Caroline turntable; CCrane FM
Transmitter; Reuter sPocket SDR; Nixie Clocks; plus a surfeit of radio news.
Long, Medium and Short Wave. Scott Caldwell scans the Tropical bands, re-appraises the much-loved Lowe HF 225 vintage HF receiver,
shares his Medium and Short Wave logs and news, and outlines the British DX Club.
Vintage Dreams: The Philips D2999. The editor re-lives his erstwhile student days, prompted by the serendipitous acquisition of a very
rare Philips portable world band radio with more buttons than you can shake a telescopic stick at.

Short wave listening covers all forms of radio listening – broadcast, airband, scanning, DXTV, weather satellites, amateur bands, decode, s.s.b. utilities, numbers stations, milair and propagation to mention a few. All these topics are covered each month with regular columns compiled by the leading experts in their field.


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