Radio User - 06.2022

Radio User - 06.2022

Since it’s debut in 2006, RadioUser has been the best selling radio listeners’ magazine in the UK. Short wave listening covers all forms of radio listening – broadcast, airband, scanning, DXTV, weather satellites, amateur bands, decode, s.s.b. utilities, numbers stations, milair and propagation to mention a few. All these topics are covered each month with regular columns compiled by the leading experts in their field.

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Martin Butera profiles the Deep Space Communications Center in Crimea (DSCC), the setting of mankind’s first attempts to send messages to the stars, as well as a valuable scientific asset.
Kevin Ryan reviews the Auna IR160 Internet Radio, introduces the HD Radio/ IBOC digital transmission format and describes the best uses of the mediaU portal.
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith take a deep dive into the history of the BBC throughout the 1970s, unearthing memories of ground-breaking technological developments and inventive programming.
Keith Rawlings works with a simple but ingenious multi-band dipole aerial, testing out its construction, key characteristics and use at home and further afield.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen unveils the latest issue of his compilation of Private European Short Wave Stations, many of which are especially active at weekends.


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