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Radio User - 05.2022

Radio User - 05.2022

Since it’s debut in 2006, RadioUser has been the best selling radio listeners’ magazine in the UK. Short wave listening covers all forms of radio listening – broadcast, airband, scanning, DXTV, weather satellites, amateur bands, decode, s.s.b. utilities, numbers stations, milair and propagation to mention a few. All these topics are covered each month with regular columns compiled by the leading experts in their field.

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  • The editor has some practical advice and reception tips for those who are thinking about acquiring the much-talked-about Malahit-DSP (MDS2000) Software-Defined Receiver.
  • WiNRADIO WR-G69DDCe Excelsior Ultra
  • AOR AR-DV1 100kHz-1300MHz Wide band reception
  • Beginning a new two-part mini-run, Chrissy Brand offers some informed opinion on how radio might evolve over the next decade, assessing future technologies, formats and listeners’ choices.
  • TV and Radio, Past and Present
  • Long- Medium and Short Wave


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