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Practical Wireless - 06.2022

Practical Wireless - 06.2022

Practical Wireless magazine is the bestselling publication for amateur radio enthusiasts. Redicover old technology, and stay abreast of current technological innovations with Practical Wireless magazine’s informed articles, news and reviews on all aspects of amateur radio. Win and build yourself radio equipment, and get technical with the Technical for the Terrified section, so you can enjoy not only using the radio equipment, but understanding it.

Read in the issue

  • Daimon Tilley G4USI gets his hands on the latest offering from Xiegu
  • Don G3XTT takes a look at two very different antennas from PW advertiser Moonraker
  • Colin Redwood G6MXL, our QRP Contest adjudicator, introduces the 2022 event which takes place on Sunday 12 June
  • A Compact 50-tone CTCSS Encoder
  • Tim Kirby GW4VXE reports on some nice 6m propagation as well as 40MHz news and more
  • Dr Samuel Ritchie EI9FZB takes us towards an all-band HF receiver
  • Philip Moss M0PBM describes the KW Electronics KW 201 amateur bands receiver
  • Mark Tuttle G0TMT completes the receiver section of the 40m transceiver
  • Steve Macdonald G4AQB describes a handy project for enabling CW or SSB reception on an old broadcast receiver


English | 74 pages | True PDF | 25.2 MB

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