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Hi-Fi News - 05.2023

Hi-Fi News - 05.2023

Read in the number Hi-Fi News - May 2023

Denon DCD/PMA-1700NE. We hear a music machine dedicated to the physical disc as the Japanese company’s CD/SACD player and amp pairing is put through its paces.
Totem Bison Monitor. It’s the baby of the range, but this two-way standmount with bespoke tweeter can still punch hard while remaining tight and light on its feet.
Audio-Technica AT-ART20. Company celebrates 60th anniversary with new flagship ART range MC, a pick-up sporting a nude line-contact stylus plus titanium used in its housing.

Every issue, Hi-Fi News delivers uniquely in-depth reviews of high-end audio equipment, including the best in vinyl replay and iconic vintage gear from the early days of audio. It is essential reading for all music enthusiasts.


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