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HackSpace - 10.2022

HackSpace - 10.2022

Read in the HackSpace Issue 59 (October 2022)

A classic engineering project with a LEGO spin
Meet the Maker: Kathy Hinde. Sound and vision creatively combined
The future of printing. We’ve seen the future, and it’s a Voron
How I Made: Ceres-1 Portable. A tiny Raspberry Pi laptop
Build a robot. Back to basics with simple robotics
Relays. Meet the bigger, louder cousin of the transistor

HackSpace is the new monthly magazine for the modern maker. We’ll teach you new techniques and give you refreshers on familiar ones, from 3D printing, laser cutting, and woodworking to electronics and Internet of Things.


English | 116 pages | True PDF | 21.0 MB

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