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HackSpace - 05.2022

HackSpace - 05.2022

HackSpace is the new monthly magazine for the modern maker. We’ll teach you new techniques and give you refreshers on familiar ones, from 3D printing, laser cutting, and woodworking to electronics and Internet of Things.

Read in the issue

  • Special things made by special people
  • 3D-printed magnficence
  • FreeCAD, ion thrusters, and upcycling
  • A voice-activated 3D printer!
  • Remake the glory days of switches and blinkenlights
  • Control rotational force through mathematics
  • How to make things without damaging the world
  • What to do with nature’s scaffolding poles
  • Flexible LED filament is harder than it looks
  • Failure in our workshop gives rise to beautiful success
  • Analogue output. Output a range of voltages with a bunch of resistors
  • Emotional LEGO. Build a face that reacts to its environment
  • Earth communications Send messages through the earth
  • K40 laser cutter Better; stronger; faster; safer
  • Slicing options Make prints smoother, lighter, and faster
  • Great gear for gardening geeks
  • Pimoroni Badger Tiny e-ink display powered by RP2040
  • Shaper Origin An incredibly cool handheld CNC router
  • Pimoroni Trilobot A programmable Triassic-inspired robot


English | 116 pages | True PDF | 10.9 MB

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