Circuit Cellar - 02.2022

Read in the issue:

  • DATASHEET. COMe and COM-HPC Boards. Modular Compute Muscle
  • From the Bench. Build an IR-Based LEGO Train. Controller (Part 2) IR Receiving End
  • The Darker Side. RF Location Techniques. Methods and Measurements
  • Embedded in Thin Slices. Lehman's Laws of Software Evolution. Rules to Code By
  • TECH THE FUTURE. The Future of Embedded FPGAs. eFPGA: The Proof is in the Tape Out
  • Home Air Quality Monitoring (Part 2) The Android Application
  • Build a Maze Generator and Game. Using a PIC32 MCU
  • Microprogramming Choices Explained (Part 2) Microprogrammable Machines
  • Build a Voice-Controlled Spider Robot. The SDY-DER Project
  • SPECIAL FEATURE. Multiple Layers of Technology Enable Smart Cities. Connectivity and Collaboration
  • TECHNOLOGY SPOTLIGHT. Rugged SBCs Suit Up for Tough Duties. Ready for Rough Stuff

Circuit Cellar - 02.2022

Circuit Cellar magazine specializes in creative solutions, unique applications and useful design techniques for hands-on designers and developers. Circuit Cellar - is the magazine for computer applications and the World's source for embedded electronics engineering information.


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