Beginning FPGA: Programming Metal

Beginning FPGA: Programming Metal

This book is for those who have tinkered a bit with Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and want to get more hands-on with hardware, or for those new to electronics and you just want to dive in.
You don't need an electronics engineering degree or even any programming experience to get the most out of Beginning FPGA: Programming Metal. Just bring your curiosity and your Field-Programmable Gate Array. In this book, you'll be using the BeMicro MAX10, a very affordable and breadboard-friendly FPGA development board to create a light sensor, an temperature sensor, a motion sensor, and just for fun, the KITT car display from Knight Rider.

Along the way, you'll learn the theory behind FPGAs and electronics, including the math and logic you need to understand what's happening - all explained in a fun, friendly, and accessible way. It also doesn't hurt that you'll be learning VHDL, a hardware description languae that is also an extremely marketable skill.

Title: Beginning FPGA: Programming Metal
Authors: Membrey P., Pang A.
Publisher: Apress
Year: 2017
Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 388
Size: 23.92 Mb

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