Practical Raspberry Pi Projects - Sixth Edition

Practical Raspberry Pi Projects - Sixth Edition

No matter your age or experience level, there's a Raspberry Pi Project for you, and in Practical Raspberry Pi Projects we're giving you everything you need to fire up your imagination and unleash your creativity. From hardware-based projects like building a Raspberry Pi-controlled car, through software projects like programming your own virtual assistant, all the way to advanced electronics projects that will see you building a Minecraft power move glove, car computer or quadcopter, we've got plenty here to keep you busy. Featuring: 10 practical Raspberry Pi projects - Follow along with our expert advice and kick-start your own amazing Raspberry Pi projects. Build a Raspberry Pi car computer - Make your own touchscreen navigation system that gives directions, local weather reports and plays music. Assemble a Minecraft power move glove - Create a piece of wearable tech with power moves assigned to each button. 20 Raspberry Pi hacking projects - Get the inside story on how to replicate the greatest Raspberry Pi hardware hacks.

If you’ve never heard of Raspberry Pi, they are single-board computers; meaning they are a desktop PC but built on just one circuit board. What set the original Pi apart from other computers was its size, being the same as a credit card, and today, despite all the spec upgrades, they’re the same size. But as you will soon find out, just because they are small doesn’t mean they are lacking features or power. Raspberry Pis are capable of playing games, browsing the internet, productivity programs, and coding just as you would on a PC or laptop, but as you will find throughout this book they can also be used as part of various projects and gadgets.

While the Raspberry Pi has enjoyed years of success, there’s always been a couple of things that users have wanted. These include: a slightly more powerful CPU that could handle day-to-day computing, plenty of USB ports and wireless capabilities to make connecting to the network easier. The Raspberry Pi 3 solved these problems when it was released but the Pi 4 Model B has improved the overall performance and added a couple of new features to make it the most impressive model yet. It uses a similar board design as the previous generation of Pis, however this one comes with two micro-HDMI ports, as opposed to the one standard HDMI that was on previous models. More importantly, these micro-HDMI ports are capable of outputting video at 4K. The Pi 4 can decode 4K at 60fps on one screen orif you use dual-dispalys then it will output 4K at 30fps. Hopefully with future firmware updates it will only get better. The Pi 4 Model B also has improved built-in wireless capabilities, which makes connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth a cinch.

Title: Practical Raspberry Pi Projects - Sixth Edition
Author: Jon White (Editorial Director)
Year: 2021
Publisher: Future Publishing
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 164
Size: 23.2 MB

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