Arduino 2021 Programming User Guide

Joseph John A. Arduino 2021 Programming User Guide

Arduino is a breakthrough technology in the amateur electronics ecosystem. Breakthrough does not mean that it introduces a new powerful microprocessor or something similar. It created an entire industry, a movement, nothing.
I'm talking about the maker movement. Before the birth of Arduino, electronic products were not as interesting and easy to learn as they are today, and there are not many resources around. I studied electronics for many years at my technical high school and then at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, but this is very serious, theoretical stuff, and there is very little programming/fun.

Arduino was born in Ivrea, Italy, and the city is also known as Olivetti. The company created the first personal computer in 1965. Arduino was specially designed as a learning device from the beginning. This simple fact illustrates the initial design choices made by the Arduino Core team. I will not go into the historical details, but you can view them for free on Wikipedia.

The key factor in Arduino's success is that it is completely open-source and was the first to do so. The hardware is open-source, and the software is open source. For example, the schematic diagram of the latest Arduino Uno development board Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 is available online.

As it stands, Arduino doesn’t have any operating system, and it runs one program at a time. You don't have to worry about anything because there is nothing else but the program that runs on the Arduino. Most Arduino development boards don't even have a network connection. Some people do this, such as Arduino Uno WiFi Rev 2 or Arduino MKR WiFi 1010.

Название: Arduino 2021 Programming User Guide: Learn How To Do Programming Using Arduino And How To Build-Up Your Personal Arduino With The Right Materials
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Год: 2021
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