Raspberry Pi 4 User Guide

Raspberry Pi 4 User Guide

Get to know your Raspberry Pi 4. Familiarize yourself with the new credit-card-sized computer by taking a guided tour of the new Raspberry Pi 4. Discover its numerous components and what they do and how to upgrade your device to start using the latest Raspberry Pi. This course will provide the information you need to Master the Raspberry Pi 4! It assumes no prior programming or electronics knowledge and walks you through everything you need to know to use the platform to the fullest!

Even if you've had an Raspberry 3 model before, this Rasperian Guide also holds relevant features to help you supercharge your experience.

The Raspberry Pi 4 is now made up of a new complete desktop experience and now useful for getting documents edited, making use of tabs in browsing the web, working on different spreadsheets at once and efficient drafting of presentations. The Pi 4 is built with no fan in it and it is known to be efficient in terms of its energy using far less power when compared to other computers. The Raspberry Pi 4 is made up of Gigabit Ethernet as well as the Bluetooth and onboard wireless networking. They have been able to get the USB capacity upgraded in the Raspberry Pi 4. It now has the USB 2 ports as well as the two USB 3 ports that can be used in transferring data 10x faster.

You will learn:

• How to setup the Raspberry Pi,
• Install software,
• Work with Linux
• How to make games,
• Build robots,
• Or hack a variety of amazing projects,
• And build projects like an Amazon Echo Clone.

This book is here to help you get started. This is a must-have book to get for any Raspberry Pi User who wants to take their device to the next level and get more out of their Raspberry!

Title: Raspberry Pi 4 User Guide: The New Updated Guide to Master the New Raspberry Pi 4 and Make, Build, or Hack a Variety of Amazing Projects
Author: Sam O. Collins
Year: 2019
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
English language
Format: pdf (true), azw3, epub
Pages: 81
Size: 10.14 Mb

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