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The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 4th Edition

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 4th Edition

ARRL Ham Radio Licence Manual 4th Edition (Spiral Bound) - Everything you need to become an Amateur Radio operator! Simple, concise sections make it easy to understand. This book will enable you to pass the 35-question Technician Class licence test.

The current pool of questions with answer keys is included for use between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2022. The manual can be used in conjunction with the ARRL's online Exam Review for Ham Radio, with instructions included. The manual is designed for both classroom use and individual self-study. It is intended for anyone new to the subject, as well as for instructors and teachers.

This manual will help you prepare for your licence exam. Each page provides the information you need to pass the exam and become a competent operator. Discover how to communicate with other radio amateurs and gain an understanding of licensing and operating regulations, with an emphasis on safety. Check out the full Technician question bank at the back of the book.

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