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Electronics: Analog and Digital

Barun Raychaudhuri. Electronics: Analog and Digital

Electronics: Analog and Digital | Barun Raychaudhuri
English | 2023 | 706 Pages | PDF | 5.4 MB

Analog and digital electronics are an important part of most modern courses in physics. Closely mapped to the current UGC CBCS syllabus, this comprehensive textbook will be a vital resource for undergraduate students of physics and electronics. The content is structured to emphasize fundamental concepts and applications of various circuits and instruments.

A wide range of topics like semiconductor physics, diodes, transistors, amplifiers, Boolean algebra, combinational and sequential logic circuits, and microprocessors are covered in lucid language and illustrated with many diagrams and examples for easy understanding. A diverse set of questions in each chapter, including multiple-choice, reasoning, numerical, and practice problems, will help students consolidate the knowledge gained. Finally, computer simulations and project ideas for projects will help readers apply the theoretical concepts and encourage experiential learning.

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