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Principles of Electronic Communication Systems, 5th Edition

Principles of Electronic Communication Systems, 5th Edition

Principles of Electronic Communication Systems, 5th Edition
English | 2023 | 989 Pages | True PDF | 10.5 MB

Principles of Electronic Communication Systems provides the most up-to-date survey available for students taking a first course in electronic communications. Requiring only basic algebra and trigonometry, this new edition is notable for its readability, learning features and numerous full-color photos and illustrations. A systems approach is used to cover state-of-the-art communications technologies, to best reflect current industry practice.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Electronic Communication
Chapter 2. Electronic Fundamentals for Communications
Chapter 3. Amplitude Modulation Fundamentals
Chapter 4. Amplitude Modulator and Demodulator Circuits
Chapter 5. Fundamentals of Frequency Modulation
Chapter 6. FM Circuits
Chapter 7. Digital Communication Techniques
Chapter 8. Radio Transmitters
Chapter 9. Communication Receivers
Chapter 10. Digital Data Transmission
Chapter 11. Multiplexing, Duplexing, and Multiple Access
Chapter 12. Digital and Software-Defined Radios
Chapter 13. Transmission Lines
Chapter 14. Fundamentals of Networking, Local-Area Networks, and Ethernet
Chapter 15. Wired Data Communications
Chapter 16. Antennas and Wave Propagation
Chapter 17. Internet Technologies
Chapter 18. Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Communication
Chapter 19. Satellite Communication
Chapter 20. Optical Communication
Chapter 21. Cell Phone Technologies
Chapter 22. Wireless Technologies
Chapter 23. Communication Tests and Measurement

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