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Control Basics for Mechatronics

John Billingsley. Control Basics for Mechatronics

Title: Control Basics for Mechatronics
Author: John Billingsley
Year: 2023
Publisher: CRC Press
Language: English
Format: pdf
Pages: 175
Size: 11.6 MB

Mechatronics is a mongrel, a crossbreed of classic mechanical engineering, the relatively young pup of computer science, the energetic electrical engineering, the pedigree mathematics and the bloodhound of Control Theory.

All too many courses in control theory consist of a diet of ‘Everything you could ever need to know about the Laplace Transform rather than answering ‘What happens when your servomotor saturates? Topics in this book have been selected to answer the questions that the mechatronics student is most likely to raise.That does not mean that the mathematical aspects have been left out, far from it.

The diet here includes matrices, transforms, eigenvectors, differential equations and even the dreaded z transform. But every effort has been made to relate them to practical experience, to make them digestible.

The theme running throughout the book is simulation, with simple jаvascript applications that let you experience the dynamics for yourself. There are examples that involve balancing, such as a bicycle following a line, and a balancing trolley that is similar to a Segway. This can be constructed for real, with components purchased from the hobby market.

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