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Experience of PYNQ: Tutorials for PYNQ-Z2

Experience of PYNQ: Tutorials for PYNQ-Z2

Title: Experience of PYNQ: Tutorials for PYNQ-Z2
Authors: Songlin Sun, Jiaqi Zou, Zixuan Zou
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2023
English language
Format: pdf (true), epub
Size: 34.3 MB

This book introduces PYNQ, a Python-based framework from Xilinx that makes it easier for users to build electronic systems on Xilinx platforms. The book covers the architecture of PYNQ, the design tools and methods, software and hardware design approach, as well as rich experiment cases on communications, multimedia, and Deep Learning.

This book serves as a useful guide for those getting starting with, or working with PYNQ and enables the learners to have a thorough understanding of the hardware/software co-design approaches in the area of the communication, multimedia, and other information system components.

PYNQ Introduction
PYNQ HelloWorld: Image Resizing
Digital Signal Processing Experiment on PYNQ
Basic Communication Experiment on PYNQ
Neural Network Experiment on PYNQ

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