Introduction to Flexible Electronics

Introduction to Flexible Electronics

The field of flexible electronics has grown rapidly over the last two decades with diverse applications including wearable gadgets and medical equipment. This textbook comprehensively covers the fundamental aspects of flexible electronics along with materials and processing techniques. It discusses topics including flexural rigidity, flexible PCBs, organic semiconductors, nanostructured materials, material reliability, electronic reliability, crystalline and polymer materials, semiconductor processing, and flexible silicon in depth. The text covers advantages, disadvantages, and applications of processes such as sol-gel processing and ink-jet printing.

Pedagogical features such as solved problems and unsolved exercises are interspersed throughout the text for better understanding.

Covers major areas such as materials, physics, processes, and applications of flexible electronics
Contains homework problems for readers to understand concepts in an easy manner
Discusses, in detail, various types of materials, such as flexible silicon, metal oxides, and organic semiconductors
Explains the application of flexible electronics in displays, solar cells, and batteries
Includes a section on stretchable electronics

Title: Introduction to Flexible Electronics
Author: Aftab M. Hussain
Year: 2022
Publisher: CRC Press
Language: English
Format: pdf
Pages: 314
Size: 10.32 Mb

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