Fundamentals of Analogue and Digital Communication Systems

Fundamentals of Analogue and Digital Communication Systems

The book covers fundamentals and basics of engineering communication theory. It presents right mix of explanation of mathematics (theory) and explanation. The book discusses both analogue communication and digital communication in details. It covers the subject of ‘classical’ engineering communication starting from the very basics of the subject to the beginning of more advanced areas. It also covers all the basic mathematics which is required to read the text. The book may be used in a two- or three-semester course: one course on Analogue Communication, another course on Digital Communication (I) and a third on Digital Communication (II).

This book is divided into three parts, namely Part I which introduces all the mathematical and some circuit concepts required for the rest of the book, Part II which is Analogue Communication and Part III which consists of Digital Communication. Part I, Chaps. 2–4, may be read as and when required. Much of it may be read as subsidiary material when attending a course of Signals and Systems. This material is useful for communication systems, but the z-transform or Discrete Time Fourier Transform has not been included. Part II, Chaps. 5 and 6, consists of Amplitude Modulation, and is followed by Frequency and Phase Modulation schemes. These modulations must be read thoroughly and understood well to proceed to Digital Communication. Part III is mainly Digital Communication (baseband and passband) with additional material on Information Theory and Error Control Coding.

Title: Fundamentals of Analogue and Digital Communication Systems
Author: Sunil Bhooshan
Year: 2022
Publisher: Springer
Series: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
English language
Format: pdf (true), epub
Pages: 650
Size: 62.93 Mb

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