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Stereophile - 05.2022

Stereophile - 05.2022

Every month Stereophile magazine offers authoritative reviews, informed recommendations, helpful advice and controversial opinions, all stemming from the revolutionary idea that audio components should be judged on how they reproduce music. Stereophile never loses sight of the fact that its primary responsibility is toward its readers and how they choose to spend their hard-earned money. Whether you enjoy your music on LP, CD, DVD or SACD, Stereophile enables you to get the most from it.

Read in the number:

  • Kevin Gray: Vinyl Mastering Master. The mastering engineer talks about his craft, the sound of vinyl, and his new, all-tube recording studio. By Sasha Matson
  • JBL 4367 Studio Monitor loudspeaker by Alex Halberstadt
  • Luxman M-10X power amplifier by John Atkinson
  • Fleetwood Sound Company DeVille SQ loudspeaker by Ken Micallef
  • Burmester Musiccenter 151 MK2 streaming D/A preamplifier by Jason Victor Serinus
  • EMT128 phono preamplifier by Michael Fremer
  • AudioPraise VanityPRO HDMI audio extractor by Kalman Rubinson
  • CH Precision D1.5 SACD/MQA-CD/CD transport/player by Jim Austin
  • EJ Jordan Marlow loudspeaker by John Atkinson
  • Paradox Phono 70 Signature phono preamplifier by John Atkinson


English | 140 pages | True PDF | 14.1 MB

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