Silicon Chip - 06.2022

Silicon Chip - 06.2022

Based in Australia, SILICON CHIP is a monthly magazine devoted to all things electronics and technology.

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  • Radar Coach Speed Detector. The Radar Coach is ideal for measuring the speed of cricket, baseball and footballs. It can also be used to measure your own sprint, or even a car! By Allan Linton-Smith
  • MOS Air Quality Sensors. MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) modules are air quality sensors that rely on the behaviour of metal oxide in the presence of air to measure gas levels. By Jim Rowe
  • Altium Designer 22. We use Altium Designer for all our project PCBs and so with the release of AD22, we wanted to see what new features are available. By Tim Blythman
  • Arduino Programmable Load. A variable load is indispensible when testing power supplies, driver circuits and the like. Our Arduino shield can handle up to 70W continuous at 15V and 4.7A, with a load resistance between 3.1 W and 47W in 15 steps. By Tim Blythman
  • 500W Power Amplifier, Part 3. Follow these assembly, testing and calibration instructions to finish building the 500W Power Amplifier. By John Clarke
  • Revised Battery Charge Controller. Due to the unavailability of the Si8751 Mosfet driver, we have redesigned our 2019 Universal Battery Charge Controller to use alternative parts. By John Clarke

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