Silicon Chip - 05.2022

Silicon Chip - 05.2022

Based in Australia, SILICON CHIP is a monthly magazine devoted to all things electronics and technology.

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  • Air Quality Sensors. Many new air quality sensor modules have been appearing on the market, some being surprisingly inexpensive. Here’s a quick rundown on what they do and how they work. Sensor types covered in this article include MOS, NDIR, PAS and PMC. By Jim Rowe
  • AM-FM DDS Signal Generator. This Precision DDS Signal Generator has an output frequency of 100kHz to 75MHz in 1Hz steps (with ±0.1Hz accuracy after calibration). It runs from a 5V, 140mA supply and has low RF leakage. By Charles Kosina
  • 500W Power Amplifier, Part 2. This month we cover the assembly instructions for the Amplifier module PCB, which forms the largest single section of the project. We also provide some tips on how to wind the output filter inductor. By John Clarke
  • Oatley LED Lighting & Driver Kits. Oatley has four low-cost, high-brightness LED kits which can be driven from the same general-purpose LED Driver via a 12V DC source. The LEDs supplied with the kits include one of: two 12W floodlights; two 0.6m 8W tubes; two 1.2m 18W tubes; or four 60W LED lamps. By John Clarke

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