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Silicon Chip - 04.2022

Silicon Chip - 04.2022

Based in Australia, SILICON CHIP is a monthly magazine devoted to all things electronics and technology.

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  • Geiger Counters and Radiation.Radioactivity is everywhere! But since you can’t see it, how do you tell how much, if any, is present? This article investigates ways to measure radioactivity electronically plus some of the basics of radioactivity. By Dr David Maddison
  • New 8-bit PICs from Microchip. When updating our SMD Test Tweezers we found out the micro used in it wasn’t in stock, so we had to pivot to using the newer PIC16F15214. So what does it offer over the previous 8-bit micro we were using? By Tim Blythman
  • 500W Power Amplifier, Part 1. Big, clear sound with low noise and distortion are just some of the aspects of our gigantic Amplifier module. It can deliver 500W RMS into a 4 W load, or 270W into 8W. Two of them can also be bridged together to deliver 1000W! By John Clarke
  • Railway Semaphore Signal. This realistic-looking OO gauge semaphore is modelled on a real British semaphore. It has a ‘flag’ that is driven by a servo and a bicolour LED to indicate to a train whether to pass or stop. By Les Kerr
  • Capacitor Discharge Welder, Pt2. After following the steps in this article you will have built your own Capacitor Discharge Welder, which forms a neat package. It is customisable and we also provide some tips on using it. By Phil Prosser

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