Silicon Chip - 03.2022

Silicon Chip - 03.2022

Based in Australia, SILICON CHIP is a monthly magazine devoted to all things electronics and technology.

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  • All About Batteries, Part 3. In the final part of our series on batteries, we cover one of the ‘bigger’ uses of batteries in electric vehicles such as cars, bikes and even aircrafts and submarines. By Dr David Maddison
  • Advances in Drone Technology. Quad-rotor drones have been extensively tested and used, so what does the future have in store for VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drones? We take a look at how quad-rotor drones and quadplanes could be improved. By Bob Young
  • Capacitor Discharge Welder, Pt1. Build your own safe, low-voltage mini spot welder, which runs from a 24V DC supply. Despite this, it can deliver over 1000A. This CD Welder is perfect for making your own thermocouples or even battery packs! By Phil Prosser
  • Raspberry Pi Pico BackPack. This BackPack design simplifies interfacing a Raspberry Pi Pico with a 2.8-inch or 3.5-inch touchscreen. It also includes some extra capabilities, such as a real-time clock, infrared receiver and more. By Tim Blythman

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