Silicon Chip - 02.2022

Silicon Chip - 02.2022

Based in Australia, SILICON CHIP is a monthly magazine devoted to all things electronics and technology.

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All About Batteries – Part 2. The second article in our series on batteries covers upcoming technologies being researched, as well as detailing the ‘tried and true’ lead-acid battery and some other unusual battery types. By Dr David Maddison
Low-noise HF-UHF Amplifiers. These three wideband HF-UHF amplifier modules are said to provide 20dB of gain with frequency ranges of 1MHz-3GHz, 5MHz-6GHz and 50MHz-4GHz respectively. By Jim Rowe
TL866II Universal Programmer. The TL866II can program over 16,000 parts, including many of the popular Atmel and Microchip microcontrollers. It is relatively inexpensive and will even program PLDs (programmable logic devices). By Tim Blythman
Dual Hybrid Power Supply – Pt1. This Supply has two separate outputs, which can deliver up to 25V DC at 5A. They can be connected in series and ganged up to form a dual-tracking supply. It uses an LCD screen, and rotary encoders/pushbuttons for control. By Phil Prosser

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