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Servo Magazine - 4.2022

Servo Magazine Issue 4 2022

Read in the issue:

Hobby robotics is reaching a critical junction in its evolution. Understanding the past can help predict what the future might hold.
After a five-year hiatus, it was great to be back at RoboGames, competing and meeting up with old (and new!) friends .
Dr. Earnst Stuhlinger - Rocket Pioneer and Space Visionary by Annie Laura Smith.
Designing a New Workbench for Your Robotics Hobbv by James Lyman.

«Servo Magazine» - a popular American magazine dedicated to robotics and cybernetics, offers a huge number of examples of creating robots of various directions - from toys to serious devices, as well as various circuit, technical, theoretical and practical solutions for creating, configuring, adjusting and practical use of robots ...

Servo Magazine - 4.2022

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