Servo Magazine - 1.2022

Servo Magazine  - 1.2022

"Servo Magazine" - a popular American magazine dedicated to robotics and cybernetics, offers a huge number of examples of creating robots of various directions - from toys to serious devices, as well as various circuit, technical, theoretical and practical solutions for creating, configuring, adjusting and practical use of robots ...

Read in the issue

  • Robotics: How to Get Started. Part 6: Logical and Bit-Wise Operators by John Blankenship
  • Cloud Native Computing + Robotics = Magic by Edgardo Peregrino
  • Build Simone the AI Fembot. Part 5: Installing Simone's Silicone Rubber Mask and Building the Chariot Mobile Pedestal by Thomas Messerschmidt
  • Ruild a Diff-Orive Using TYT Manufacturing by Jim Louis
  • Could a Bird's leg Structure Help Engineer Walking Robots? by Sonali Roy
  • Twin Tweaks: Cannonball Fun by Bryce and Evan Woolley
  • An Asteroid Prospecting Primer for Roboticists by Bryan Bergeron

Bots in Brief

Got Your Goat Open Wide
ViKiNG Lays Waste to Traditional Navigation Weird Kind of Necking Rock and Walk Avian Android
Fatbergs No Match for Pipe-worm
ServeBot Ready to Roll
The Great Escape
Pigeons vs. Drones
A Real Softy
Maicat Purr-feet for Feline Fans
Ham Ham It Up
Wasps Be Gone
Robotic Crack Sealer
Look Ma, No Steering Wheel
Armed with AR


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