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QST - 07.2023

QST - 07.2023

Read in the issue 7 QST Magazine 2023

DC Grounded Holt-wove Vertlcol. Jecek Pawiowsiti, SP3L.
A Case for Touch-Tone APRStt at the West Point Triathlon. Nolan Pearce, N2WU
NVIS Solves a 30-Year Problem. Tim Carter,W3ATB
ATS-25 Si4732 General Coverage SDH Receiver.
National RF High-Frequency Direction-Finding System.
Chameleon Antenna MPAS 2.0 Portable Antenna System.
MFJ 1146 RF Filtered DC Outlets.

QST magazine is the most widely read Amateur Radio publication in the country. Each month, ARRL members "read all about it" in QST. Since 1915, QST has delivered the latest news and practical information from the world of Amateur Radio. Rely on QST as your source for equipment reviews, clever technical tips, projects, timely happenings, and critical FCC news. All hams, regardless of license class or experience, will find it indispensable.

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