QST - 01.2022

Read in the issue:

Nano WSPR — A Low-Cost Multiband Transmitter
George R. Steber, WB9LVI

Effects of Common Building Materials on Radio Wave Propagation
Meredith W. Hillier, KG7EUM

Product Review
Mark Wilson, K1RO
Baofeng GT-5R Dual-Band Handheld Transceiver;
West Mountain Radio CBA V Battery Analyzer;
Wire Strippers for the Amateur Workshop;
SOTABEAMS ContestConsole for loom Transceivers

A Beginner's Guide for Silkscreen Printing Projects
Douglas Smith, N28V

Using an lonosonde to Understand the Ionosphere
Eric Nichols, KL7AJ

NCJ, ARRL's National Contest Journal, Celebrates 50 Years of Publication in 2022

QST - 01.2022

QST magazine is the most widely read Amateur Radio publication in the country. Each month, ARRL members "read all about it" in QST. Since 1915, QST has delivered the latest news and practical information from the world of Amateur Radio. Rely on QST as your source for equipment reviews, clever technical tips, projects, timely happenings, and critical FCC news. All hams, regardless of license class or experience, will find it indispensable.


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