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Practical Wireless No 6 (June) 2024

Practical Wireless No 6 (June) 2024

Read in the issue 6 Practical Wireless 2024

The G3RJV SCD QRP Transceiver Revisited (Pt III). Steve Hartley G0FUW continues the project by describing the receiver.
Georg Wiessala checks out the SDRplay RSP1B and the Stampfl STRESSLESS.
Steve Macdonald G4AQB offers a simple-to-build project based on low-cost modules.
Keith Rawlings G4MIU this month drifts off amateur radio antennas to a historical incident that happened in the Pacific in WWII where what he initially assumed to be an omnidirectional antenna was used for direction finding.
Mike Richards G4WNC highlights the real-time clock in the Pi 5, takes the Si5351 clock oscillator to the next level, a new SDR Sharp and covers VarAC’s translation facilities.
Steve Telenius-Lowe G4JVG looks back at a month of significant DX activity and forward to what we can expect during the month to come.

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