Practical Wireless - 04.2023

Practical Wireless - 04.2023

Read in the issue 3 Practical Wireless 2023

Richard White G6NFE describes building and testing the ASCEL Electronic AE20401 Frequency Counter and Power Meter.
Georg Wiessala has had the new Deepelec Deep SDR 101 Software Defined Radio in his shack and has put this surprising little device through its paces on a range of frequency bands and signals.
Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX reports a new high in the sunspot count, fortuitously coinciding with plenty of DXpedition activity.
Roger Lapthorn G3XBM advocates using the ISM band for 40MHz experiments.
Dave Crump G8GKQ gives an update on UK amateur TV activities – why not join in the fun?
Dr Bruce Taylor HB9ANY describes radio frequency measurement before the digital age.

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