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Practical Wireless - 03.2023

Practical Wireless - 03.2023

Read in the issue 3 Practical Wireless 2023

PW’s monthly roundup of news from the UK and internationally, including new products, club news and recent events.
Yaesu FT-710 Aess. Richard Constantine G3UGF says “A lot to like! SDR comes of Age”.
The Rubberscopic Antenna. Don G3XTT takes a look at an intriguing antenna for handie-talkies.
Anytone 5555 Plus 10m Transceiver. With the improvement in high band conditions, Daimon Tilley G4USI looks at an inexpensive rig that gives you access to the 12 and 10m bands.
The World of VHF. Tim Kirby GW4VXE has another full column, including not only the W0CHP-PiStar-Dashboard but the latest news about the 40MHz (8m) allocation.
HF Highlights. Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX has plenty of reports suggesting 2023 got off to a good start in terms of propagation and activity.

Practical Wireless magazine is the bestselling publication for amateur radio enthusiasts. Redicover old technology, and stay abreast of current technological innovations with Practical Wireless magazine’s informed articles, news and reviews on all aspects of amateur radio. Win and build yourself radio equipment, and get technical with the Technical for the Terrified section, so you can enjoy not only using the radio equipment, but understanding it.


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