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Начинающему радиолюбителю

Practical Wireless - 11.2022

Practical Wireless - 11.2022

Read in the issue Practical Wireless November 2022

Designing and building a board for switching at VHF/UHF using the popular CX-120P relay
Running GB90PW Behind the scenes of our 90th anniversary callsign
Antenna Rotation. Detailing the construction of this handy mechanism
Data Modes. Mike Richards G4WNC exhorts readers to try using a conversational data mode.
The German Quad. Mark Foreman G7LSZ/SA6BID describes an antenna that works for him as a multiband arrangement in a modest garden.

Practical Wireless magazine is the bestselling publication for amateur radio enthusiasts. Redicover old technology, and stay abreast of current technological innovations with Practical Wireless magazine’s informed articles, news and reviews on all aspects of amateur radio. Win and build yourself radio equipment, and get technical with the Technical for the Terrified section, so you can enjoy not only using the radio equipment, but understanding it.


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