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Practical Wireless - 07.2022

Practical Wireless - 07.2022

Practical Wireless magazine is the bestselling publication for amateur radio enthusiasts. Redicover old technology, and stay abreast of current technological innovations with Practical Wireless magazine’s informed articles, news and reviews on all aspects of amateur radio. Win and build yourself radio equipment, and get technical with the Technical for the Terrified section, so you can enjoy not only using the radio equipment, but understanding it.

Read in the issue

  • An HF 9-Band Portable Antenna. Charles Wilson M0CDD describes a handy portable antenna that covers nine HF bands, 80 through 10m,
  • including 60m.
  • The Eden dsP Card. Ron Taylor G4GXO describes a versatile and compact 16bit DSP processor for radio projects.
  • The Face behind the Call. Roger Dowling G3NKH meets broadcaster Jim Lee G4AEH.
  • That’s Fritzing Amazing! Billy McFarland GM6DX describes how to design and produce a PCB the easy way.
  • SDR (Pt VII). Dr Samuel Ritchie EI9FZB finishes the circuitry of the all-band HF receiver based on the quadrature product detector (QPD), as described in the January 2022 edition.
  • A Valve transmitter for 2022. John Seager G0UCP describes a QRP Van Winkle transmitter, recalling days of yore.
  • Build the PW Paston (Pt VI). Mark Tuttle G0TMT turns this month to the transmitter side of the Paston transceiver.


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