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DC-DC Converter Topologies: Basic to Advanced

DC-DC Converter Topologies: Basic to Advanced

DC-DC Converter Topologies: Basic to Advanced
English | 2023 | 458 pages | PDF | 11 MB

A comprehensive look at DC-DC converters and advanced power converter topologies for all skills levels

As it can be rare for source voltage to meet the requirements of a Direct Current (DC) load, DC-DC converters are essential to access service. DC-DC power converters employ power semiconductor devices (like MOSFETs and IGBTs) as switches and passive elements such as capacitors, inductors, and transformers to alter the voltage provided by a DC source into the necessary DC voltage as is required by a DC load. This source can be a battery, solar panels, fuel cells, or a DC bus voltage fed by rectified AC utility voltage. As the many components of DC-DC converters can be differently arranged into circuit structures called topologies, there are as many possible circuit topologies as there are possible combinations of circuit elements.

A broad range of topics is covered within the book, from simple, low-power converters to complex, high-power converters and everywhere in between.

DC-DC Converter Topologies readers will also find
A detailed discussion of four key DC-DC converter topologies
Description of isolated two-switch pulse-width modulated (PWM) topologies including push-pull, half-bridge, and interleaved converters
An exploration of high-gain converters such as coupled inductors, voltage multipliers, and switched capacitor converters
This book provides the tools so that a non-expert will be equipped to deal with the vast array of DC-DC converters that presently exist. As such, DC-DC Converter Topologies is a useful reference for electrical engineers, professors, and graduate students studying in the field.

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