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DIY Lithium Batteries

Nick Power. DIY Lithium Batteries

Title: DIY Lithium Batteries: The Essential Guide to Master the Function of Lithium Batteries and How to Build a Battery Pack for Electric Bikes
Author: Nick Power
Year: 2020
Publisher: Amazon
English language
Format: epub, pdf(conv.)
Pages: 104
Size: 5.2 MB

Oday, we're going to discover everything there is to know about lithium batteries.
You will learn how to design and build a battery pack for your electric bike with "DIY Batteries Lithium".

Apart from that, this book will also teach you all about the operation of lithium batteries, their benefits and their importance. Don't let your best construction efforts be destroyed without even knowing it without the appropriate skills and knowledge!

"DIY Lithium Batteries, the essential guide to master the operation of lithium batteries and how to build an electric bike battery pack" deals with:
Composition and operation of lithium battery cells
Recharging Batteries and How to Regenerate a Battery
How to build a lithium battery charger
Lithium Batteries: How to make them last longer
How to build an electric bike battery pack
Disposal of old lithium batteries
...and much more!

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