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Multidimensional Lithium-Ion Battery Status Monitoring

Multidimensional Lithium-Ion Battery Status Monitoring

Name: Multidimensional Lithium-Ion Battery Status Monitoring
Authors: Shunli Wang, Kailong Liu, Yujie Wang, Daniel-Ioan Stroe
Year: 2023
Publisher: CRC Press
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 355
Size: 50.6 Mb

In recent years, power battery technology has rapidly developed and gradually matured, and lithium-ion batteries have become the main body of power batteries. During the energy storage and supply process of the lithium-ion battery pack, the BMS monitors its working status and manages the available energy. Due to the high safety requirements and complex working conditions of the lithium-ion battery packs, equivalent circuit modeling and state of charge estimation in applications have become the research hot spots.

Summarizing the battery pack application theory, experience, and design methods formed by the development of the high-power lithium-ion BMS for many years, the authors from the perspective of battery management combined the technical requirements of high-power lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicles, the application of lithium-ion batteries, and battery power management as a starting point for the compilation of this book.
Reviews Li-ion battery characteristics and applications.
Covers battery equivalent modeling, including electrical circuit modeling and parameter identification theory.
Discusses battery state estimation methods, including state of charge estimation, state of energy prediction, state of power evaluation, state of health estimation, and cycle life estimation.
Introduces equivalent modeling and state estimation algorithms that can be applied to new energy measurement and control in large-scale energy storage.
Includes a large number of examples and case studies.

Table of Contents:
1. Battery Characteristics and Parameters.
2. Equivalent Modeling and Parameter Identification.
3. Battery State of Charge Estimation.
4. Battery State of Health Estimation.
5. Battery State of Power Estimation.
6. Battery State of Energy and Cycle Life Estimation.

This book has been developed as a reference for researchers and advanced students in energy and electrical engineering.

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