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Operational Amplifiers with Advanced Applications

Operational Amplifiers with Advanced Applications

Operational Amplifiers with Advanced Applications | K. C. Selvam
English | 2024 | EPUB | 10 MB

The book provides a comprehensive exploration of operational amplifiers (op-amps) and their myriad applications in both linear and non-linear circuits. Beginning with a foundational introduction to op-amps, the text delves into linear circuits, followed by an examination of non-linear circuits.

  • Comprehensive Coverage – The book covers a wide range of topics from basic to advanced applications of operational amplifiers, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
  • Detailed Practical Guides – Appendices include practical tutor kits for op-amp circuits, analog functions, and digital trainer kits developed by the author, providing hands-on learning opportunities.
  • In-Depth Exploration of Analog and Digital Applications – Extensive chapters on analog multipliers, dividers, waveform generators, and active filters, as well as the use of op-amps in digital logic and combinational circuits, highlight the versatility and essential role of op-amps in various electronic applications.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 2 Linear Circuits – Part I
Chapter 3 Linear Circuits – Part II
Chapter 4 Non-Linear Circuits
Chapter 5 Waveform Generators
Chapter 6 Active Filters
Chapter 7 D/A and A/D Converters
Chapter 8 Voltage Regulators
Chapter 9 Analog Multipliers – Part I
Chapter 10 Analog Dividers – Part I
Chapter 11 Multiplier-Cum-Dividers (MCDs) – Part I
Chapter 12 555 Timer Basic Circuits
Chapter 13 Analog Multipliers – Part II
Chapter 14 Analog Dividers – Part II
Chapter 15 Multiplier Cum Dividers (MCDs) – Part II
Chapter 16 Logic Gates Using Op-Amps
Chapter 17 Combinational Circuits Using Op-Amps
Chapter 18 Flip-Flops Using Op-Amps
Appendix A Op-Amp Trainer Kit
Appendix B Analog Function Circuits – Tutor Kit
Appendix C A/D Converter – Tutor Kit
Appendix D Digital Trainer Kit
Appendix E Op-Amp Digital Trainer Kit
Appendix F Conversion of Transistor Switches and Multiplexers into Other Switches and Multiplexers

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