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Complex Digital Hardware Design

Complex Digital Hardware Design

Complex Digital Hardware Design | Istvan Nagy
English | 2024 | Pages: 618 | PDF (true) | 27.1 MB
Publisher: CRC Press

This book is about how to design the most complex types of digital circuit boards used inside servers, routers and other equipment, from high-level system architecture down to the low-level signal integrity concepts. It explains common structures and subsystems that can be expanded into new designs in different markets..

Most of the concepts and solutions described in this book are very common in the high-tech hardware industry—at least dozens of companies and hundreds of engineers practice them every day. Thus, they can be considered industry-wide best practices or de facto standards. Some of the ideas in the book are unique; however, they have been developed to make our work easier or more effective.

The book is targeted at all levels of hardware engineers. There are shorter, lower-level introductions to every topic, while the book also takes the reader all they way to the most complex and most advanced topics of digital circuit design, layout design, analysis, and hardware architecture.

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