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Circuit Analysis and Design

Circuit Analysis and Design

Circuit Analysis and Design | Fawwaz T. Ulaby, Michel M. Maharbiz
Year: 2018
Publisher: Michigan Publishing
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 792
Size: 12.6 MB

Electrical engineering is an exciting field through which we interface with the world using electrical signals. The book contains 32 Technology Briefs, each providing an overview of a topic that every electrical and computer engineering professional should become familiar with. Electronic displays, data storage media, sensors and actuators, supercapacitors, and 3-D imaging are typical of the topics shared with the reader.

Brief Contents
Chapter 1 Circuit Terminology
Chapter 2 Resistive Circuits
Chapter 3 Analysis Techniques
Chapter 4 Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 5 RC and RL First-Order Circuits
Chapter 6 RLC Circuits
Chapter 7 ac Analysis
Chapter 8 ac Power
Chapter 9 Frequency Response of Circuits and Filters
Chapter 10 Three-Phase Circuits
Chapter 11 Magnetically Coupled Circuits
Chapter 12 Circuit Analysis by Laplace Transform
Chapter 13 Fourier Analysis Technique
Appendix A Symbols, Quantities, and Units
Appendix B Solving Simultaneous Equations
Appendix C Overview of Multisim
Appendix D Mathematical Formulas
Appendix E MATLAB® and MathScript®
Appendix F myDAQ Quick Reference Guide
Appendix G Answers to Selected Problems

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