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Build Autonomous Mobile Robot from Scratch using ROS

Build Autonomous Mobile Robot from Scratch using ROS: Simulation and Hardware

Title: Build Autonomous Mobile Robot from Scratch using ROS: Simulation and Hardware
Author: Rajesh Subramanian
Year: 2023
Publisher: Apress
English language
Format: epub (true)
Pages: 579
Size: 45.7 MB

Start from scratch and build a variety of features for autonomous mobile robots both in simulation and hardware. This book will show you how to simulate an autonomous mobile robot using ROS and then develop its hardware implementation.

Projects start with a very basic two-wheeled mobile robot and progress to complex features such as mapping, navigation, sensor fusion, autodocking, and web interface. Upon completing this book, you’ll have incorporated important robot algorithms including SLAM, Path Finding, Localization, and Kalman Filters – and you will be ready to start designing and building your own autonomous robots.

What You Will Learn:
Design and build your customized physical robot with autonomous navigation capability
Create a map of your house using the robot’s lidar scanner
Command the robot to go to any accessible location on the map
Interact with the robot using a mobile app, joystick, keyboard, push-button, or remote computer
Monitor robot updates via LCD, a mobile app, sound, and status LEDs
Automate delivery of small payloads and return to home base
Utilize autodocking to home base for battery charging
Leverage sensor fusion to improve accuracy
Interface with the robot via the Web to monitor and control it remotely

Who This Book Is For:
Complete beginners who want to build customized robots from scratch. No experience is expected, although basic programming knowledge could be handy.

1. Introduction to Robotics: Part I
2. Introduction to Robotics: Part II
3. Setting Up a Workstation for Simulation
4. The ROS Framework
5. Robot Simulation and Visualization
6. Arduino and ROS
7. Simulating Bumblebot: A Simple Two-Wheeled Robot
8. Building Bumblebot in Hardware
9. Additional Sensors and Sensor Fusion
10. Web Interface and Autodocking

Download : Rajesh Subramanian. Build Autonomous Mobile Robot from Scratch using ROS: Simulation and Hardware

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