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Sensors and Protocols for Industry 4.0

Sensors and Protocols for Industry 4.0: Industrial Applications of Maker Tech

Title: Sensors and Protocols for Industry 4.0: Industrial Applications of Maker Tech
Authors: G.R. Kanagachidambaresan, Bharathi N.
Year: 2023
Publisher: Apress
English language
Format: pdf
Pages: 280
Size: 10.1 mb

This book Identifies the right sensors and single board computers for any application to achieve the best performance in Industry 4.0 settings and applications. You’ll see what technologies apply the IIoT with elegant efficiency to drastically improve remote monitoring and controlling, decision making, and preventative maintenance.

Start by learning exactly what Industry 4.0 is and advance your knowledge from simple Internet of Things projects to full-on Industrial IoT deployment. You'll automate advanced processes, incorporate professional procedures, and take your IoT skills to a professional level. Then move into the protocols and standards expected for industrial applications of sensors at an industrial level. Match the right SBCs to the right use cases and sensor technologies to optimize efficiency and ensure peak performance. Then move into setting up a smart factory and monitoring your supply chain with tech. Finally, you'll dive into programming with the Node-Red platform and Python packages for CPS.

By the end of this book, you’ll have jumped from simple, home-based IoT systems up to industrial and professional applications. Conquer your supply chain and both forward and backward processes with accessible Maker tech!

What You'll Learn
  • Support industrial applications of SBCs and Maker tech.
  • Achieve peak performance by combining the right sensors with the right processing boards.
  • Improve remote monitoring and controlling drastically for better decision making and preventative maintenance.

Who This Book Is For
Students and aspiring professionals working with Internet of things technologies moving towards industrial applications. Prerequisite knowledge in basic Internet of Things, simple python concepts, automation, and industry procedures is required for this book. Engineers and scientists who are pursuing research and contributing to industrial internet of things might also benefit.

Download : Sensors and Protocols for Industry 4.0: Industrial Applications of Maker Tech

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