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How Circuits Work

How Circuits Work

Title: How Circuits Work: Amplifiers, Filters, Audio and Control Electronics
Author: Stanislaw Raczynski
Year: 2023
Publisher: Springer
English language
Format: pdf (true), epub
Pages: 169
Size: 21.7 MB

This book helps readers understand the basic concepts of electronic circuits. The emphasis is on amplifiers, filters and audio circuits. Other applications such as oscillators, multivibrators, logic and control circuits are also included. Although basic concepts are presented with the necessary theoretical background, the author uses descriptions of basic electronic circuits in a very compact form and the circuit functions are described in a very accessible manner.

For many of the discussed circuits, the computer simulations of the transient processes and the frequency response are shown.

1. Electric Circuits and Devices.
2. Voltage and Power Amplifiers.
3. Filters.
4. Oscillators, Multivibrators, Triggers and Flip-Flops.
5. Power Sources, Voltage Regulators, Thyristor Applications.
6. Control Circuits, PID, Motion Control.
7. Digital Signal Processing, Control and Hybrid Circuits.
8. Miscellaneous: Linear IC Applications, Logical Gates.

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