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Miniaturized Electrochemical Devices

Miniaturized Electrochemical Devices

Title: Miniaturized Electrochemical Devices: Advanced Concepts, Fabrication, and Applications
Authors: Sanket Goel, Khairunnisa Amreen
Year: 2023
Publisher: CRC Press
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 311
Size: 18.9 MB

The book will provide a single-forum to understand the current research trends and future perspectives of various electrochemical sensors and there integration in microfluidic devices, automation and point of care testing. For students, the book will become a motivation for them to explore these areas for their career standpoints. For the professionals, the book will become a thought-provoking stage to manoeuvre the next generation devices / processes for commercialization.

Chapter 1 Electrochemical Micromachining
Chapter 2 Fabrication of Electrochromic Devices: Mechanistic Insights, Components, and Applications
Chapter 3 Mathematical Modelling of a Piezoelectric Wave Energy Converter Device Integrated with a Vertical Breakwater over a Stepped
Chapter 4 (p)ppGpp Mediated Biofilm Formation and Estimation on Chip
Chapter 5 A Review of State-of-the-Art Miniaturized Electrochemical Devices for Environmental Applications: Monitoring, Detection and Remediation
Chapter 6 Flexible and Wearable Sensors for Health Monitoring Applications
Chapter 7 Electrochemical Tools for the Prognosis of Skin Wounds
Chapter 8 Phosphorene-Based Electrochemical Systems
Chapter 9 Microfluidic/Miniaturized Electrochemical Devices for Bacteria Sensing Application
Chapter 10 Cloth and Paper-Based Miniaturized Electrochemiluminescence Platforms
Chapter 11 MXene Materials for Miniaturized Energy Storage Devices (MESDs)
Chapter 12 Microsupercapacitors for Miniaturized Electronic Device Applications
Chapter 13 Tetracyanoquinodimethane Based Small Organic Molecules as Potential Memristor and Solar Cells Devices
Chapter 14 Hydrodynamic Performance of a Submerged Piezoelectric Wave Energy Converter Device in Real Sea Conditions
Chapter 15 The Emerging Nanostructured Field Effect Transistors for Dielectrically Modulated Biosensing Applications: Review of the Present Development
Chapter 16 Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance for Efficient Sensing and Analysis
Chapter 17 Carbon-Based Electrochemical Devices for Energy Storage
Chapter 18 Electrochemical Biosensors for Rare Cell Isolation

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