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Supercapacitors and Their Applications

Supercapacitors and Their Applications

Title: Supercapacitors and Their Applications: Fundamentals, Current Trends, and Future Perspectives
Authors: Anjali Paravannoor, Baiju K.V.
Year: 2023
Publisher: CRC Press
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 215
Size: 6 mb

The book focuses mainly on two major aspects of supercapacitors: fundamentals and their specific applications. In spite of the various advanced scientific concepts developed for the design of highly efficient supercapacitor systems, there are still lacunae to filled in the comprehensive literature on the topic, mainly in the perspective of broad application areas. Hence the book tries to capture all the available knowledge starting from the historical background to latest applications, taking into account the commercial as well as academic interests of the readers.

Provides an in-depth look at supercapacitors, including their working concepts and design
Reviews detailed explanation of various characterization and modeling techniques
Give special focus to the application of supercapacitors in major areas of environmental as well as social importance
Covers cyclic voltammetry, charging–discharging curves, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as characterization techniques
Includes a detailed chapter on historical perspectives on the evolution of supercapacitors

This book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in materials science and engineering, nanotechnology, chemistry in batteries, and physics.

Chapter 1. Historical Perspectives
Chapter 2. Electric Double Layer Capacitors
Chapter 3. Fundamentals of Pseudocapacitors
Chapter 4. Looking Deeper into the Electrode Processes
Chapter 5. Design Considerations of Full cell Supercapacitors
Chapter 6. Characterization Techniques
Chapter 7. Design, Fabrication, and Operation of Functional Supercapacitor Devices
Chapter 8. Conventional Applications of Supercaacitors
Chapter 9. Portable Electronics and Microsupercapacitors
Chapter 10. Supercapacitors in Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications
Chapter 11. Integrated power harvesting and storage system: Supercapacitors aiding new and renewable energy generation
Chapter 12. Market Trends, Innovations and Challenges Associated with the Existing Supercapacitor Technology

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