Frontiers in Robotics and Electromechanics

Frontiers in Robotics and Electromechanics

Title: Frontiers in Robotics and Electromechanics
Edited by: Andrey Ronzhin, Viacheslav Pshikhopov
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2023
Pages: 444
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Size: 10.1mb

This book introduces intellectual control systems and electromechanics of heterogeneous robots. The book uncovers fundamental principles of robot control and recent developments in software and hardware of robots. The book presents solutions and discusses problems of single robotic devices as well as heterogeneous robotic teams while performing technological tasks that require informational, physical or energetic interaction with human users, environment and other robots. The book considers model–algorithmic and software–hardware control of ground, water and underwater robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as their embedded and attached sub-systems, including manipulators, end-effectors, sensors, actuators, etc. The book will be useful for researchers of interdisciplinary issues related to robotics, electromechanics and Artificial Intelligence.

The book is recommended for graduate students with a major/minor in the areas of robotics and mechatronics, management in technical systems, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and Computer Science.

Part I. Modeling and Control of Manipulators, Multi-link Robots
1. Simulation of Foot Movement During Walking Based on the Study of Different Step Parameters
2. Mathematical Modeling of the Biomechanical Rehabilitation System of Foot Exoskeleton in Frontal and Sagittal Planes
3. Simulation of Controlled Motion of the Actuator of Robotic Systems in the Presence of Coupling Forces
4. Digital Control by Robot Manipulator with Improved Rigidity
5. Performance Evaluation of Multigrid Brute-Force Solutions of Inverse Kinematics Problem for the Robotis OP2 Humanoid Hand
6. Neural Network Approach for Solving Inverse Kinematics Problem of Modular Reconfigurable Systems
7. Algorithm of Trajectories Synthesis for Modular Wheeled Inspection Robot

Part II. Interaction and Control of Robot Group
8. Study of Algorithms for Coordinating a Group of Autonomous Robots in a Formation
9. Intelligent System for Countering Groups of Robots Based on Reinforcement Learning Technologies
10. LIRS-MazeGen: An Easy-to-Use Blender Extension for Modeling Maze-Like Environments for Gazebo Simulator
11. Modeling of Joint Motion Planning of Group of Mobile Robots and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
12. Simulation of Controllable Motion of a Flying Robot Under the Action of Aerodynamic Force of a Bioinspired Flapping Wing
13. Approaches to Optimizing Individual Maneuvers of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
14. Neural Network Technologies in the Tasks of Estimating and Forecasting the Resource of Power Supply Systems in Robotic Complexes
15. Instantaneous Common-Mode Voltage Reduction of Three-Phase Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter Under Quarter-Wave-Symmetric Space Vector PWM with Full Set of Vectors
16. System of Decentralized Control of a Group of Mobile Robotic Means Interacting with Charging Stations
17. Method for Optimizing the Trajectory of a Group of Mobile Robots in a Field of Repeller Sources Using the Method of Characteristic Probabilistic Functions

Part III. Heterogeneous Robots in Monitoring and Service Tasks

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