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Aerial Robotic Workers

Aerial Robotic Workers

Title: Aerial Robotic Workers : Design, Modeling, Control, Vision and Their Applications
Authors: George Nikolakopoulos, Sina Sharif Mansouri, Christoforos Kanellakis
Year: 2023
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, Elsevier
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 282
Size: 16.4 Mb

Aerial Robotic Workers: Design, Modeling, Control, Vision and Their Applications provides an in-depth look at both theory and practical applications surrounding the Aerial Robotic Worker (ARW). Emerging ARWs are fully autonomous flying robots that can assist human operations through their agile performance of aerial inspections and interaction with the surrounding infrastructure. This book addresses all the fundamental components of ARWs, starting with the hardware and software components and then addressing aspects of modeling, control, perception of the environment, and the concept of aerial manipulators, cooperative ARWs, and direct applications.

The book includes sample codes and ROS-based tutorials, enabling the direct application of the chapters and real-life examples with platforms already existing in the market.

Addresses the fundamental problems of UAVs with the ability of utilizing aerial tools in the fields of modeling, control, navigation, cooperation, vision and interaction with the environment
Includes open source codes and libraries, providing a complete set of information for readers to start their experimentation with UAVs, and more specifically, ARWs
Provides multiple, real-life examples and codes in MATLAB and ROS

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