Electrical Installation Calculations: Advanced, 9th Edition

Christopher Kitcher and A.J. Watkins. Electrical Installation Calculations: Advanced, 9th Edition

The advanced calculations have been set out simply with worked examples, along with additional questions and answers. Key terms are explained in a glossary section which can be used to assist the readers' understanding.


1. Use of Calculators
2. Simple Transposition of Formulae
3. SI Units
SI derived units
SI unit prefixes

4. Conductor Colour Identification
5. Alternating Current Circuit Calculations
Inductive reactance
Capacitive reactance
Impedance in series circuits
Impedance triangles and power triangles

6. Waveform and Phasor Representation of Alternating
Currents and Voltages
Alternating e.m.f. and current

7. Parallel Circuits Involving Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance
8. Power-Factor Improvement
Calculation without p.f. correction
Calculation with p.f. correction

9. Three-Phase Circuit Calculations
Star-connected motors
Delta-connected connected motors (mesh)
Resistance and inductance in three-phase circuits
Three-phase circuits
Three-phase power
Voltage drop in three-phase circuits

10. Voltmeters and Ammeters: Changing the Use and
Extending the Range

11. Alternating Current Motors
12. Application of Diversity Factors
13. Cable Selection
Earthing conductor calculation
Voltage-drop calculations and cable-selection calculations
Designing ring final circuits
Earth-leakage protection calculations
Supplementary equipotential-bonding calculation

14. Lighting Calculations
Lighting units and quantities
Lighting calculations using inverse square law
Lighting calculations using the cosine law

15. Mechanics
Moment of force
Surface speed, pulley diameter and speed ratios

16. Miscellaneous Examples
D.c. generators
D.c. motors
Alternators and synchronous motors
Induction motors
Insulation resistance

17. Photovoltaic Calculations
18. Formulae
Three-phase calculations
Pythagoras-type calculations
Synchronous speed and slip calculations
Calculations associated with cable selection

19. Glossary
20. Answers to Exercises
21. General Questions and Answers
22. Additional Questions and Answers

Title: Electrical Installation Calculations: Advanced, 9th Edition
Authors: Christopher Kitcher and A.J. Watkins
Year: 2022
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
Format: True PDF
Pages: 241
Size: 10.2 Mb

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